MSI EX600-074CZ and Linux after 2 years

For almost two years I have been an owner of an MSI laptop EX600-74CZ. I guess, after this long time I can tell you, if it is worth buying this laptop.

First, some specifications:

The laptop was 19 000,- Kč (now it is something about $1100 / 750€). For this price, it was relatively good machine for office work as well as for gaming, because of the great NVidia graphic card.

Now, after two years, I can say the following:

And finally, the software part. I am using Linux, so, “What is the support?”, you may ask. "Does everything work?"

So at the end, there is this conclusion: The hardware is really good and if I had taken better care of it, the chasis would probably last longer. Linux is really running nice on this device, but non-working ACPI sucks, especially on a laptop, but it is a thing, I can live without.