Review of the CASIO WK-110 keyboard


Hi there! It's me again. This time, I will tell you something about my new keyboard CASIO WK-110. I have had this instrument for about 2 months now. I know, it is not so long, but I can share some experiences and opinions I got so far. So let's look at this puppy :-)


Once, you order this keyboard, you will get a huge package, which contains:

Casio WK-110

Are you missing something? Yeah, you are right, you need another piece of puzzle. Please be aware of the thing, that there is no AC/DC adaptor included in the box! You have to buy this separately.

Another thing you will probably need, but is not necessary to start playing like at least like a kitty is a piano stage and a comfortable chair. If you are not a beginner, you may want to buy a pedal, which can be connected via standard “big jack”.

It wasn't all so expensive, but not so cheap as well :-) There are the prizes:

I had some chair and pedal at home, so there was no need for me of buying that.

Let's roll!

After unpacking, putting the keyboard on a stage, connecting the AC/DC adaptor and pressing the “Power” button, you can finally play. There are some highlights for this piece of hardware:

If you like the piano best, you may be glad to see the number of keys. Sixty-one, which can be found on ordinary keyboards is not enough for many of players. This one has 76 keys, which is an octave short than a grand piano and for me is enough :-) There is no hammer keyboard, so the feeling is not so good like a grand piano, but having the price in mind, it could not simply be accomplished. There are also many sound registers, but I guess you will use “001 – St.GrPno” for the most of the time like I do :-)

In the keyboard, there is one hundred songs, which can be learned by integrated educational system. In my opinion, this system is not so good. The Yamaha's light-keys are better, but suck anyway :-) For this case, there is a paper songbook - it includes all of the 100 songs (except for the first two – some copyright issues I guess).



Casio WK-110

Connecting it to the PC


If it wasn't for the problem with the switching button, it would be a really good keyboard. I will see, what will happen - if they will fix it or not. I hope yes. The first and the second issues described are not so important to me. To end this all up, I can say, I am really satisfied with my new instrument.